Scott Abramson, MD

best neurologist in the world

Dr. Scott Abramson practiced Neurology with Kaiser Permanente Northern California for over 40 years.

For most of those years, Dr. Abramson has been passionately involved in the physician communication and the physician wellness projects. He has delivered dozens of workshops in this arena and personally coached scores of physicians and staff. He has developed programs on time management, physician communication, marriage in medicine, burnout, the threatened physician, difficult conversations, presentation skills, storytelling, and his two favorites, “The Secret of Happiness” and “What The Great Wisdom of Country Music Can Teach Physicians.” He enjoys giving talks on these and other subjects

Dr. Abramson, for over 20 years, wrote a monthly column on communication issues and physician health and wellness issues. Some can be found in video format on this youtube website channel:

A compilation of these articles has recently been published by Covenant Books, entitled, “Bedside Manners, for Physicians and Everybody Else. What they don’t teach in medical school or any other school.”

In 1982, Dr. Abramson was awarded the Physician of the Year honor in his medical facility. In 2003 he was given Teaching Excellence Award from Physician Education, and in 2010 was nominated as a Kaiser Hero for his work in regional physician communication.

Dr. Abramson has set foot in 48 of 50 states, lacking only Wisconsin and North Dakota.